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predictable adj : possible to foretell [ant: unpredictable]

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  1. able to be predicted


able to be predicted


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"Predictable" is a pop rock song written by Kara DioGuardi, Delta Goodrem and Jarrad Rogers, recorded by Goodrem for her first album Innocent Eyes (2003). Released in the last quarter of 2003, the single peaked at number-one on the Australian ARIA Charts, becoming Goodrem's fifth number-one single in Australia. This achievement in itself broke the record set by Goodrem herself for the most amount of consecutive number-one's from a debut album. The original record was held by Kylie Minogue. Due to Goodrem's cancer treatment, she was unable to shoot an accompanying film clip; Sony used a live video to represent the song. The live video was shot at the Headquarters for Channel V in July, 2003.
The song and produced by John Fields in L.A. Originally, the demo version of the song was rather different from the end product; however, Goodrem desired the song to have a rock edge to it, thus asking Fields to help produce it. The song is set around the theme of a girl rejecting the advances of a man, because she can see through his facade, and knows that if she let's him enter her life, she will end up heartbroken. The song was chosen by Goodrem's record company, Sony, to be the last single to represent the album ''Innocent Eyes.
The single faced competition from international and local acts and debuted at number two, behind the first Australian Idol, Guy Sebastian. Due to her illness and treatment the single received little promotion but two weeks after release, the song reached number-one. The single remained in the Top Ten for eight weeks and became the seventeenth highest selling single in Australia for 2003.

Track listing

  1. "Predictable" — 3:39
  2. "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" — 4:36
  3. "Here I Am" (Piano & Cello version) — 4:23


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